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for the first time ever ....

I get something back from the 'sheet I review for:

"Thanks very much Jeremy - an excellent review! Have a look at it online in
our reviews section - hope you like the accompanying pics.
I think I'll try and get along to the show myself if there are any tickets

Needless to say, the accompanying pics are broken links. I guess the editorial team changed again. Hm. This new friendly tone makes me nervous ...


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14th May, 2002 06:19 (UTC)
I didn't recognise your "exec-on-phone" pic on that HAMLET post.. How long have you been on my 'friends' list? I never knew you were a LJhead. BTW, I've been avidly following your irritatingly excellent weekly strip. (I still can't even use a scanner confidently-)and those 'New Testament' pictures, which are sooo beautiful, they frazzle me with awe & envy.
14th May, 2002 09:38 (UTC)
Re: Ahhhhhhh!
Couple weeks. I forget who told me -- Tony K, maybe? I do look a bit scary, don't I? That (and this) is me at work. Thought I'd said. Must have forgot. Been following yours for sometime now :)
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