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the little mermaid gets legal advice

I completely forgot that I had passed a newly-coloured version of my two pager The Little Mermaid over to ellenlindner to put up on the Whores of Mensa Website. I absolutely hate the fairy tale in question, as should be clear from the comic. Caution: contains barbie colours (page 1) and a naked witch (page 2).

The Little mermaid
The Little mermaid
I went back into the story and saved her

Also, did you miss:
David Tennant/Kittens,
Gnimmel, LOLcats and the centre of the internet and a
full-sized replica Camarasaurus.

Speaking of which, birthday plans are a-foot.


27th Jun, 2007 14:19 (UTC)
A new WOM, assuming I can get hold of some (you may have to buy them from Ellen instead).