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draggling weekend

Miserable all weekend. Didn't go to BBQ, didn't go to carnival. Just about dragged myself to bookshop (we got an Ant & Bee and a 1st edition Seuss!) before stumbling home to watch Dockeroo do the obvious. Actually, I didn't see turing the Doctor into gollum and putting him in a birdcage coming AT ALL, so overall -- a win.

Although, please, for the LOVE OF GOD, can RTD now please get the message (having played it through to the logical conclusion) that if you make the companions sexually interested in the Doctor they can't carry on being companions? That's why it lives in the slash, behind the magic porn panel. Open the magic porn panel and the sex behind will eat the plot! Just ask Anita Blake. Let's have someone who's more interested in travelling the universe than jumping the Doctor's finely-sculpted bones. And more universe, please. Earth with drug-patches and marriagable cats is still earth.

Well, never mind, eh? Martha gets rewarded with a new black coat and a spot in Torchwood (although unfortunately I suspect this will lead to her replacing Emotionally Stunted Lesbian as opposed to Creepy Date Rapist or Disturbingly Turgid Welshman). Oh god! According to the Rules of Torchwood she will have to shag (or at least want to shag) Creepy Owen! Oh no wrong wrong wrong.

I wonder if sexy Pediatrician/Freedom Fighter has been signed up to save her from that fate.

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