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oh hai I must escape the muzak

So, I survived my general anaesthetic, got to see some tiny pictures (about the size of a 10p piece) of the insides of my womb, and had the magic plastic installed. Signs are tentatively positive.

I'm doing some friendslist winnowing, switching some people over to Facebook or jeremydennis as suitable. If you find yourself unexpectedly defriended, I probably either assumed you'd given up your journal or forgot the connection between your LJ-name and your RL-name -- I have c. 250 friends, so don't take it personally, just comment and remind me.


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11th Jul, 2007 13:31 (UTC)
250 friends? I'm in shock and awe! I think I have ten.

Glad to hear the op went well.
11th Jul, 2007 13:40 (UTC)
Hmm, well, it was an accident really. This ended being a bit of news clearing house over a couple of major social events, and the connections persisted.
11th Jul, 2007 13:39 (UTC)
I didn't know you had another LiveJournal and I don't UNDERSTAND.........
11th Jul, 2007 13:40 (UTC)
(I don't know where the capital letters came from, sorry)
11th Jul, 2007 13:42 (UTC)
I enjoyed the drama of the capitals.
11th Jul, 2007 13:42 (UTC)
Erm, I have a few. At one time, this was supposed to be the social one and the jeremydennis one was the business one. Nothing ever stays in the boxes you put it into, though.
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11th Jul, 2007 13:47 (UTC)
Hurrah for the not being dead (I watch too much House - I assume that all medical interventions will cause cardiac arrest).
Good luck for the intervention actually doing what it should.
11th Jul, 2007 13:59 (UTC)
No danger of death! All I suffered was a bruise on the back of my hand, a sore throat and the usual compliments about my blood pressure.

As for the other stuff, we're very much in a (scheduled and anticipated) wait and see.
11th Jul, 2007 15:43 (UTC)
Now, it could be fitting. You have to remember fitting. I made the mistake of watching an episode of House the day before I went to have my coil fitted in which a nun presents as stigmatic and gets increasingly worse skin problems and fitting and stuff which turns out to be caused by prolonged exposure (20 yrs plus) to the copper in her copper coil from her pre-nun days :)
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11th Jul, 2007 14:01 (UTC)
General anesthetic? Good lord! Glad it's gone well so far. x
11th Jul, 2007 14:04 (UTC)
It wasn't all that... went straight from the anaesthetist joking about giving me five gin and tonics to waking up in a different room with an oxygen mask on and a sore throat.
11th Jul, 2007 14:07 (UTC)
Did your womb look interesting in the pictures?

I have to say, I rather strenuously resisted the suggestion of the doctor at the FPC that I let them attempt to install any more bits of plastic in my womb. Although I may yet get desperate enough to give it another go. I hope yours continues positively!
11th Jul, 2007 14:23 (UTC)
actually, yes --
Very smooth and a sort of rich pink colour. The entrances to the fallopian tubes were closed and slightly slanted -- like little closed eyes.

Kind of weird, though -- and though it's only slightly invasive, there's certainly still pain and blood. I can quite understand your reluctance!
11th Jul, 2007 14:43 (UTC)
First - congratulations on the success of your surgery.

Second - multi-dimensional virtual Jeremy?! Shock! Well, where-ever I end up in your new classification system, so long as I still get to know what's happening with my friend and her artwork, it's all good by me. :-)
11th Jul, 2007 15:12 (UTC)
I'd recommend sticking round here, then -- although there are some pictures on my Facebook, now I come to think about it ...
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