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oh noes! festival all drowned!

Well, poor old Truck just disappeared under the busted banks of the Ginge Brook, so neither me nor anyone else is trucking this year.

We're also being sent home from work. And poor old juggzy is currently stuck in her flooded car next to some godforsaken Oxfordshire b-road, waiting to be airlifted to safety.

In desperation I offer kittens:

basket of kittens
basket of kittens
smug, cream, kittens, etc.

ETA: Oh great NOW the sun's coming out...


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20th Jul, 2007 16:06 (UTC)
I'm gutted. But I hope Juggzy is OK.

Maybe some sort of alt-truck condolence event could occur in Oxford this weekend instead. Do count me in if so. K. and I are currently thinking about what we could do, or more precisely what we could drink.
20th Jul, 2007 16:15 (UTC)
Not a bad idea. The Exeter Hall gig tonight was going to be the informal East Oxford pr-truck get-together, I see it becoming something altogether wilder now...
20th Jul, 2007 16:17 (UTC)
Kind of disappointed and relieved at the same time. And thank God we're free on the September weekend!
20th Jul, 2007 16:23 (UTC)
see you at the ex, tonight?
Aggravatingly it clashes with Does it Offend you Yeah at the New Zodiac -- which I was rather lookign forward to ...
20th Jul, 2007 16:28 (UTC)
Re: see you at the ex, tonight?
Yep, we're still coming - and possibly see you Sunday? I haven't heard of them - would I like them?
20th Jul, 2007 16:29 (UTC)
Stay dry, willya?
20th Jul, 2007 23:39 (UTC)



-- tom
24th Jul, 2007 07:47 (UTC)
Unrelated matter
Happy birthday.
24th Jul, 2007 15:15 (UTC)
Hey hey, happy birthday! I hope you remain dry and safe and manage some kind of a celebration.
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