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borage for courage, myrtle for peace

Shooting video class. We learn about cameras, sound, lights. Test shoot today, focusing makes my eye ache, god I look ugly in front of the camera, but at least I'm a bit more relaxed this week, since I found the borage in the back garden. Vicky (film librarian at Oxford Scientific Films) wins the contest for most interesting job, even if she did spend all today looking at film of clouds.

A client contacted them with some frames from a film. "These are yours, aren't they?" he asked, and so she spends all day going through their c. 10 hrs of cloud footage, looking for exactly the right clouds. Turns out they were somebody else's clouds all along. Figures.

Her company sig file: "We have a large new collection of fantastically weird underwater creatures. Creatures which bewilder, fascinate and even disgust!
Creatures which surprise as they suddenly appear from their camouflaged background and those which shock with their bright colours. Tiny microscopic plankton, iridescent fish shoals, graceful turtles, ferocious sharks, and mighty whales are all readily available at our usual competitive rates.

And now we can offer you a whole Red Sea collection on High Definition!"


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16th May, 2002 18:34 (UTC)
even if she did spend all today looking at film of clouds

And going, "that one looks a bit like Italy. Look, there's a big puffy lizard head. That's its mouth, there's its eye..."
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