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oh no! it's raining again!

Ahhh, nothing says "I am on holiday" quite so well as websurfing in your dressing gown at noon, eating whatever-was-in-the-fridge on top of ryvita.

Thanks for all your birthday wishes, I was not actually lost under flood waters, but my internet inexplicably disappeared just as the sun came out so I had NO CHOICE but to go to visit the concrete dinosaurs at Crystal Palace. Which were lovely! I think all public parks should have them. I may just start a Facebook Group proposing Just That.

Here's hoping that poor sparkymark isn't yet under water (he's in that bit of Oxford that's all over the news at the moment). I may go rubberneck later, once the camera's recharged itself from yesterday's dinosaurs. Or not, the light's rubbish.

Ah, that would be because it's raining again ...


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25th Jul, 2007 11:40 (UTC)
Dinosaurs! What a perfect birthday expedition. Happy belated!
25th Jul, 2007 12:39 (UTC)
> concrete dinosaurs at Crystal Palace.

Ah, wonderful childhood memories of seeing them with my grandparents.
25th Jul, 2007 12:56 (UTC)
Are you planning to Fickr the dinosaurs?
25th Jul, 2007 15:39 (UTC)
Any word from Mark? I've worried about both he and Tim Adye.
25th Jul, 2007 19:12 (UTC)
Its getting slightly better but I expect it won't stop the police coming round suggesting evacuating at 2.30am AGAIN.

25th Jul, 2007 19:21 (UTC)
So does that mean that the river is still on the outside of your flat? Great news, we thought you would definitely be in your waders by now.
25th Jul, 2007 19:39 (UTC)
Comfortably: West Street got very bad as seen on most TV stations (and this morning the Today programme when my alarm went off was talking about Osney Island, so I didn't even need to sit up. I just ran my hand over the carpet to check) but there's quite a slope up to West Court and we have not even got sandbags.
26th Jul, 2007 00:20 (UTC)
I sincerely hope that's as bad as it gets.

I suppose that with your flat, the biggest flood risk is from your neighbours upstairs than the river waters. :-)
25th Jul, 2007 20:58 (UTC)
Oxford is actually mostly fine: it's not much worse than we get about every third february -- Tim's certainly in no trouble. I'm quite glad I didn't go for the place near Donnington bridge tho'
26th Jul, 2007 00:18 (UTC)
I can imagine (as I'll have to) ... isn't there a pub near there. How badly hit is the train station?
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