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crystal palace concrete dinosaur joy

a big clue
We're at Crystal Palace, but where are the dinosaurs?
Originally uploaded by Jeremy Dennis.

I'm not much enjoying the time-sink of photo selection at the moment, but the concrete dinosaurs of Crystal Palace (as recently restored by the local council) punctured my jaded sensibilities, helped me through the zen-like patience required by i-photos and filled me with Concrete Dinosaur Joy. They have now a home on my Flickr stream. Click through and go back through the photos to encounter various fanciful prehistorics immortalised in Victorian concrete, including a Megatherium and its tree, a wildly incorrect Iguanodon and a Labyrinthodont being stalked by a heron.

Also, this:


26th Jul, 2007 23:10 (UTC)
Oh I had fogotten about the dinosaurs. Cloudhigh used to live near Crystal Palace Park and before that Cecil. There used to be some Mara in a cage / pen thing, but they disappeared and were replaced with a petting zoo. I hope they went to a good home.