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antony is everywhere

He's on the roof, on top of towerblocks, over the river, lurking by a flagpole, haunting a walkway, ghosting up the horizon and just when you thought it was safe to go outside (having thoroughly exhausted (although not wasted) an hour waiting to go inside "hatch"), behind you!!!

there's one behind you!

I was having a rotten week at work so took a lightning wednesday break to see Gormley at the Hayward before it goes this weekend. There were queues, crowds and a lot more variety of work than I'd been led to expect on display -- although plenty of old favourites, too:

menace and red shoes

The most astonishing thing is that not one review has mentioned the deliciously tacky souvenir item available in the shop ... yes! I am now the proud owner of an Antony Gormley snowglobe! (official title: blind light cloud dome)

what will I do with an antony gormley snowglobe?

My highlight? Capacitor. I couldn't photograph it (they had an attendant checking no-one impaled themselves on the spines) but the Guardian did (there are some other pieces there, too). I also liked the sculpture on the bridge, though I did rather try Tim's patience repeatedly attempting to get just enough fill-flash to appropriately illuminate his cock. I think I did OK though:

have you finished photographing antony gormley's cock yet?

Thank you antony, you are:

antony is miss world queen


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17th Aug, 2007 21:26 (UTC)
went with parallelgirl a few weeks ago - we both spluttered at the snow globes, but also at the his/hers key boxes, or whatever they were - male or female figures with the key going into the genital area - very relevant as part of the gender/ungendered role conversation we were having that afternoon.

the mesh figures were unknown to me before the exhibition unlike most other stuff, and the most relevatory (you can tell I'm back from the pub) in terms of addressing body space.

we didn't bother with 'hatch' - we decided to miss what we wouldn't know - but did the misty bit last, which was so different to everything else it seemed to finalise it - yes, again about body/personal space, but so much more - I just stood in the middle, losing myself and letting the sound of others wash around me... also good to find Helen later and compare notes (and senses of direction).

Did you not find the room with the leg-splayed-gormely-figure the most explicit in terms of penii, though? I quite enjoyed the openness of the display, but then again perhaps I would... ;-)
17th Aug, 2007 23:09 (UTC)
just so's you know
I wasn't there just for the cock. I was really looking forward to the mesh figures -- I felt the absence of the heroic scale one of those that used to stand outside the dome -- I don't think it still does? Anyway, the way the figures coalesce as you pass by them from the negative space is most marvellous.

The key holders are a standard bachelor toy, you've been able to buy them off websites and out of trendy shops for years.

On an unrelated topic, have you ever built a theramin?
18th Aug, 2007 17:48 (UTC)
Re: just so's you know
There's more to life than cock, I know. ;-)

Otherwise, - erm - not yet, I think may well be the answer... ;-)
17th Aug, 2007 22:09 (UTC)
Jammy get!
(As an aside - I noticed it when I followed the flickr link - what do you think of the gorillapod?).
Also have you been scanned yet?
17th Aug, 2007 23:12 (UTC)
Gorillapod slides with my camera -- I think it's a bit heavy, also the screw is off-centre. I have the small version, the larger may perform better.

I got a second opinion at the clinic and have to go to for ultrasound :( unamused. I'll update again in another post.
17th Aug, 2007 23:32 (UTC)
Unamused? I'd say. Steaming pile of poo... what is it with this new tendency for wasting the patient's time? Used to be, they'd just make you wait for ever, *now*, you don't actually get treated much faster but you get called in for useless appointments so that it *looks* as though you're getting treated. Gah.
18th Aug, 2007 12:04 (UTC)
We went yesterday and liked it a lot - Blind Light a standout, and the meshworks fantastic also. My favourite would be a tie between Capacitor and the meshwork matrices - particularly the spirally one and the one that the Guardian photographed.

Didn't think much to Hatch, especially after having queued for 45 mins or more. The Event Horizon statues were ACE though, and as Richard hadn't seen it yet when we got home we just had to watch that Doctor Who episode. Hee hee!

The snow globes were sold out, but I got a little Gormley man badge.
18th Aug, 2007 17:48 (UTC)
We wondered who would possibly want the snow globe...we feel such fools now, because it's so obvious.
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