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one of those damn days

That you go in thinking about all the things you're going to do today, and by the end of the morning you're just about half-way through the stuff you were supposed to do in the morning, and about half-way through the afternoon, there's a terrible screeching from your boss and you know that the next two hours won't be spent sorting out things on your work schedule.

Still, it's peaceful, if humid, and we had a nice time looking at shiny things in the new huuuge Dixons at lunch. We need to buy some audio equipment, but it's so boring, though this was fun, but it lacked features. I'm a sucker for design decisions destined never to be repeated.

So I finally finished the morning's work at 16.55 and I get thrown out at 17.30, and there's just no way I can get anything done today. So much for the new section of money advice (don't laugh, I know what's good advice, I just can't follow it). Monday, I suppose. And everyone at work got a pretty poster with a tulip on except for me. Not fair.

If you had the choise and unlimited funds and a big, warm conservatory, would you prefer to keep a cat, a dog or a bearded dragon lizard?

Damian currently trying to do something very small with SVG for the 5K award. My pick of the previous winners: Princess Rain (probably not what you think it is), Pixelchix, the 5K porn site, and for sheer cleverness, 2Char - a very small portal, but look through all the winners. Apart from a few of the "more clever than good" responses (eg. the 5K 3D graphics engine) they're fun even if you're not geekish.

Went to the Garage to see Linus for the first time in years, playing with queer screechers Sewing Circle (loud & happy complete sound for two little kidz) and mad noise-generation machine KaitO (who I'd seen before, at Audioscope, they play ray guns and toys and things, so they're OK by me). Nice room, though the sound was mucky. The crowd was much sparser (though considerably more glam) than I usually see in Oxford venues (to my surprise) and the cost of the drinks meant I had nothing over to buy zines with (boo hoo) but I had lots of fun and Tony K (swisstone) was there, and andypop of course. And the music was loud, and good, with lots of shouting, screaming, and guitars. Fun time. I'll be seeing if I can head into London for more gigs when my film course is over, and I have a few more free nights/week. At the moment the housework is rather piling up, which may seem like a lame excuse for not having fun, but housework in my house is a complex and faintly terrifying exercise, requiring a fanatical attention to detail and a very delicate touch with the hoover, so I do it seldom, so now the de-disgusting, hooving, scrubbing, rearranging and dusting is very overdue.

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