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Little Emily (neibling) is four on Saturday, so I went looking for a cool t-shirt or somesuch (having had great success in that area previously with the amazing owl dress) but there's an aggravating preponderence of meaningless slogans ("maximum volume system"?) and character properties, perhaps precipitated by the collapse of the Disney store, bah. Upstairs at Debenhams I found the amazing velcro dinosaur tops of glory, only to reject them. The dinosaurs were inaccurate, violent and on ghastly earth tones. She's mad about dinosaurs, but not mad enough to wear something that ugly. Next was doing a little better, but she's a bit too young for the new rave look. Like M&S, they're also selling tiny t's with environmental messages. Maybe I'll try M&S later. I picked up a couple of decent t's for Tim and me there. Yes, the kid's department. How else do grown-ups get comic book t-shirts that aren't printed on voluminous black sacks or babydoll shortie pinkies?

In the meantime, charlottecooper has inspired me to nick most of her most recent post to make a back-to-school poll. Feel free to elaborate in comments if you have too much bile (or bliss!) to fit into the boxes.

Poll #1050436 The back to school poll

Useful things I learned at school

Useless things I learned at school

Things I wish I'd studied harder at school

Things I wish they'd taught at school

Things I learned but have since forgotten

Overall, school was:

A cause for serious concern
Must work harder to achieve potential
Could do better with application
Good, but room for improvement
Excellent, but needs to work on handwriting


( 8 worms — Feed the birds )
5th Sep, 2007 13:09 (UTC)
these are quite cute, if nominally dragons rather than dinosaurs (better image here). £30 though...
5th Sep, 2007 14:02 (UTC)
You're taunting me by showing me things that aren't available in my size again!

I'm not confient enough to estimate neibling's length, alas, so it has to be something in the dress/top style.
5th Sep, 2007 14:25 (UTC)
Bah, age 3 is age 3, generally. But in that case, I give you this and this. And then that is enough dinosaurs.
5th Sep, 2007 15:17 (UTC)
Dinosaur fairy lights!

>SFX head explodes with joy
5th Sep, 2007 13:18 (UTC)
I suspect your friends list will be skewed towards the 'school was shit and full of unspeakable dicktoads' set of the population.
5th Sep, 2007 14:03 (UTC)
Ah, that must be because they're all people of such taste and discrimination.
5th Sep, 2007 21:10 (UTC)
School, I could do so much better if I was 13 again.
6th Sep, 2007 08:37 (UTC)
Actually, 13 wasn't so bad. I had a coked-up maths teacher, was finally getting onto the really complicated bits of latin and all the 2000AD I could read was freely available to borrow from [?????]'s locker. Happy days, especially the long-running window game (which I can look back on and laugh because I didn't lose an eye).
( 8 worms — Feed the birds )