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the cat comes back

Teazel the little cat with a big tail gets a bit of a starring role in this week's strip. He's been a bit of a softie recently -- coming to comfort me when the pain's been particularly bad, that sort of thing. I've written a strip or two along these lines before, but never mind, eh. At the moment I'm working in an A4 book with a stiff cover, which gets around the whole sitting at a desk thing -- and no nibs and ink, either. I'm too wobbly for anything I might knock over...

infiltrators - detail
infiltrators - detail
I've written this one before...


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7th Sep, 2007 18:05 (UTC)
The last few pabels really gave me a giggle, Can relate. Great to see your curly shapes again.
7th Sep, 2007 20:05 (UTC)
The stories have loaned me another key, since I lost mine a few months back...
7th Sep, 2007 21:31 (UTC)
Crazy mermaids!
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