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does it offend you, yeah?

and as it turns out, only Does it offend you, yeah? as nipping out for noodles at eight and then going to the gig probably isn't going to work at the revamped refurbed venue zodiac carling academy wotsit (cardiac?) We missed both the supports and it was all over by nine thirty. While I was being miffed about missing the support I got mistaken for a journalist by Kevin Oxjam who went on to tell us about something he's doing called the Small World Party at the Castle. Fashion shows, fireworks and Peter Gabriel. Sounds mental. Still: mental note. Bite back on the sarcasm. Especially in small and icily well lit venues. In the meantime we bought two beers (6.30), discovered that the floor, although clean, already felt slightly sticky (ah, nostalgia!) and leant against something that turned out not to be a wall, but sliding panels running in tracks in the ceiling, which can presumably be moved around to open out the venue into a whole variety of sizes (or possibly create some scenester version of Cube).

Size for this gig was set to super-intimate. So much so I had to lurk at the back bemoaning my forgotten earplugs, while Tim discovered that sticky floor makes for for supergrip moshing in a small sea (inlet?) of flailing 14+ers, avoided fluoro-splatter from the various Neon and Ultras and eventually got to invade the stage and fall on some stuff! I got photos, I'll post them somewhere at some point. It's a small enough room that your flash will reach, even from the bar.

I also went to Truck, which was fun. More on that later. Maybe.


24th Sep, 2007 15:54 (UTC)
Re: Sticky floor.
Yeah, I'd agree with all that although DIOYY did manage to bring some noise and atmosphere (partly by asking for the lighting to be switched to multicoloured strobe mode halfway through their set. The icy blue lighting is a real problem IMHO).

The non slip floor manages to feel exactly like a floor covered in sticky beer spillage even though it isn't. Yay Cardiac!