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badger! badger! badger!

Despite having scripted some four or five strips featuring the noble British Badger, not one of them has ever made it into final production. I hearby remedy that in this week's strip, I was brought up in the old ways which continues my explaination of the true experience of living in British suburbia. Devizes is actually a real place, and as a child held near-mythical status for me, being (as it was) the place you stopped on the way to somewhere else (or drove past without stopping). My Rivendell, if you like.

I was brought up in the old ways - detail

P.S. I haven't forgotten about the memes and the scrabble and the sunshine. I'll get to them later.

P.P.S. Um, gosh. I guess I'd better append a "mild nudity alert" to that comic strip.


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5th Oct, 2007 12:27 (UTC)
badger squashage
Oh noes!
5th Oct, 2007 12:52 (UTC)
It was always Andover for us.
5th Oct, 2007 13:35 (UTC)
Arf! I love the peek-a-boo snatches of boob shots in the crowd.
Made me giggle.
5th Oct, 2007 14:29 (UTC)
There was some disagreement in my mind as to what you should wear to worship a badger, so I tried to draw all my ideas. Even the naked-except for pink M&S pants one.
5th Oct, 2007 15:22 (UTC)
Ah the Olde English Brock. As a member of the clan I can advise on what to wear while worshipping us. Naked is good as is anything involving rubber or pvc.
5th Oct, 2007 13:43 (UTC)
5th Oct, 2007 13:59 (UTC)
Re: Heresy!
Yeah, I hope so. That upset me, actually. Snivel.
5th Oct, 2007 14:28 (UTC)
Re: Heresy!
Badgers are the sharks of the hedgerow, they'll endure. There were even giant flesh-eating badgers in the time of the dinosaurs. Tim tells me that they ate velociraptors, but he may be exaggerating.
5th Oct, 2007 15:22 (UTC)
Re: Heresy!
5th Oct, 2007 17:45 (UTC)
Re: Heresy!
small velociraptors, I said.
5th Oct, 2007 22:53 (UTC)
So sad but so true, the roads seem especially strewn with their stripey corpses this year. In deepest Dorset the rumour runneth that farmers are despatching them in order (they think) to contain the spread of bovine TB and then, as it's illegal, depositing the carcasses on the road to make the deaths look like traffic accidents.
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