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beautiful tops from Barcelona

Last week I was watching the progress of a shop being set up in the Clarendon centre, possibly the squarest, chainiest bit of Oxford. Watching a bunch of implausibly young and nervous-looking shopfitters applying hand cut window decorations, primary coloured mannequins, decorative ironwork. The hand-painted sign must have been the last thing to go up. To be honest, I'm not quite sure what its name is. They don't even have a till as such, and the changing room's bare concrete walls are barely veiled by the filmy hangings. But what they do have is beautiful, beautiful clothes. Printed tops from Barcelona (I saw one perfect for you, jinty) top/dresses with prints of cats and birds (there's a bird one which would look fabulous on bluedevi). The sizing is rather vague and rather small (I'd guess at 8-16 -- I found a nice top to fit me, but others were oh! too small) and the style is suitable really only for ladies or flamboyant gentlemen, but it is a shop of charm and beauty, and should be seen before it is crushed between the Scylla of competing chainstores and the Charybdis of shoplifting teenagers.
with superpowers

In other news, I receive an odd spammail from Goldstein Collection ("My dead grandfather communicates with me through his vintage radio receiver. This weblog is a journal of our conversations.") Or possibly it's not spam, as it's certainly addressed to me. Is it a teaser campaign for a new supernatural movie? The art project of a friend? Or did I express interest in EVP to someone at some point? (And is the fact that a few clicks down I find an advert for Daywatch just another spooky coincidence?) EVP (electronic voice phenomena) is a mild interests of mine, actually. Evidence! Stone tapes! Environmental exorcism! You can listen to some examples here.

Does anyone know where I can find good pictures comparing the size/structure of about seven to ten satellites? Detailed illustrations or diagrams would work, as would photographs.


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9th Oct, 2007 16:40 (UTC)
Don't know where to get pictures of satellites.

However you can get a wide choice of pictures from satellites here: http://fourmilab.ch/earthview/satellite.html

This information is beautiful rather than useful as far as yr post is concerned, but hopefully you'll still like it......
10th Oct, 2007 08:58 (UTC)
Thank you ♥
9th Oct, 2007 17:28 (UTC)
Thanks for the top tip!
Will certainly look out for this - probably on the way to the Beer Festival on Thursday. You coming to the Town Hall after work Thurs? Am figuring that Friday is out and Sat certainly is...
10th Oct, 2007 08:46 (UTC)
Re: Thanks for the top tip!
Hmmm, not sure yet. Are you heading out to Debra's fri evening, and if so can I cadge a lift? I missed you at the pub last night (being with gig) and we could do with making some plans!
10th Oct, 2007 16:50 (UTC)
Re: Thanks for the top tip!
We am heading out on Friday indeed and there is space in the car - likelihood is that we take my car rather than Richard's (not that I've discussed it with him yet but he drives his car all week and I need to take my car out for a run every so often) so there will be plenty of room. Cool!

What was the gig last night by the way (she says, having been on a course all day and not in fact at the pub last night)?
10th Oct, 2007 18:37 (UTC)
awesome gig of awesomeness
Lovely You say party we say die! and welsh fofs Los Campesinos (links in the next entry along). New Zodiac, actually pretty good!

Um, so if I go out with you Fri that will be good. We should fix up a time. Are you beer festivalling tomorrow?
10th Oct, 2007 19:54 (UTC)
Re: awesome gig of awesomeness
Sounds fantastic! We are just planning to go and see Theremin music at the Port Mahon next Thursday (Debra's friend loxodonta).

Friday times are looking like approx 6:30 for leaving my house & I can swing by to yours to pick you up before 7. That depends on Richard's drive back from work being ok and not sabotaged by delays etc etc though.

Yes I am beer festivalling but only briefly as am going to Jericho to meet up with Jim and Ellie for a meal before an Anton Barbeau gig. Music eh, can't get enough of it.
10th Oct, 2007 20:00 (UTC)
Re: awesome gig of awesomeness
Ah poot, I have a work thing that night. still, there will be other theramins! Pick up from mine at 7 fri works for me, I'll be wanting to head back at a reasonable hour on the saturday but I can always make my own way back
9th Oct, 2007 18:25 (UTC)
Satellite pics...

The satellites I know best are ESA's Earth Explorer set (cos I work with them, now) - and if you look on the ESA site for each of them you can get diagrams and some stats. Go to http://www.esa.int/esaLP/LPearthexp.html , choose satellite by name from left, then Mission, then Satellite.

eg for GOCE: http://www.esa.int/esaLP/ESA1MK1VMOC_LPgoce_0.html
and CRYOSAT-2:

They don't seem very consistent in presention though, and all of these are satellites that do broadly similar things (ie look at the Earth and send the pics back home) - a telecoms sat would be more different from any of them than they are to each other.
10th Oct, 2007 08:55 (UTC)
Oh thankyou! That's got lots of good pictures. They're a lot blockier than I'd imagined, though -- and the solar arrays (which should have come as no surprise) seem larger than anticipated. I think that in my head there is still an picture book image of sputnik labelled "satellite"!
9th Oct, 2007 18:28 (UTC)
Bet they're the sort of tops that demand hand-washing by young Thai girls (actually, thinking of the YTGs I worked with once, I'm not sure they were any better at laundry than me... so perhaps not) and even then shrink and run and wrinkle?

If not then tell me at once!!! Our pink-trousered Dutchman has left the company and returned to the spawning grounds and all we got instead was a mad Slovakian, fine professionally but not really equivalent in fashion terms. Sartorially we have slipped a great deal :(
10th Oct, 2007 08:56 (UTC)
I'll provide an update after the first wash. That the metallic print might flake is my main worry.
10th Oct, 2007 08:26 (UTC)
Looks like a teaser to me. Although what for, who can say.

The domain name is registered to one Matias Blei, in Buenos Aires, so that bit's true at least.

Hmm, searching for Matias Blei suggests he's an author of Spanish-language PC-fixing manuals, and a composer of tofu haiku. The plot thickens!
10th Oct, 2007 08:58 (UTC)
Tofu Haiku??? The plot thickens!
10th Oct, 2007 09:00 (UTC)
I just had to look it up:

This tofu is a raft
wandering free
in a soy sauce tsunami.
10th Oct, 2007 09:23 (UTC)
Much like his late grandfather's voice wandering free in a sea of luminiferous aether.
12th Oct, 2007 00:21 (UTC)
What man sizes do this shop do?

The scream from that EVP site is currently the text message sound on my phone. I don't hold with EVP but it scares the shit out of people.

I don't have pictures of satellites. Would a camera and a visit to the Science Museum, where they have lots of old satellites, help you?

Plesiosaurs all died in the end.

-- tom
12th Oct, 2007 10:21 (UTC)
It's not a man shop, I'm afraid. It'd be a question of squeezing into the girly sizes.

Smart suggestion on the Science Museum, cheers.
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