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muse on radiohead (fnarr)

So, did anyone else's dinner get delayed last night because they were listening to the new Radiohead album? Stuffed butternut squash and chocolate pudding! Delayed! It's worth it though. A lovely album. My thoughts on the the DRM issue are summed up entirely by this comic strip* (which also features Muse! Two bands for the non-price of none!) [ETA: actually, it's three bands, you'd think I'd have spotted that from the title, which is "in which coldplay and muse steal from radiohead, one last time", but maybe I just automatically blanked Coldplay]. I'll probably buy the stupid big box set as I'm a packaging queen.

*Thanks benchilada for pointing me at this.


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11th Oct, 2007 11:35 (UTC)
*So* 2004...
Still not seeing how its different from a paypal tipbox.
11th Oct, 2007 11:54 (UTC)
Re: *So* 2004...
I think the difference is that it's radiohead doing it, and not, say, me.

11th Oct, 2007 13:49 (UTC)
Just like with Kid A, where the interesting thing wasn't that it was a band using electronics or sounding like Autechre, but that it was Radiohead. And not, say, me.
12th Oct, 2007 00:31 (UTC)
There was an interesting thing about Kid A?

-- tom
11th Oct, 2007 12:41 (UTC)
I've been trying to download it but the site keeps locking up. Overloaded I guess. :-( I'd rather just buy it somewhere.
11th Oct, 2007 13:54 (UTC)
Tell me about it! The mp3s are rather nice, but even at that quality level they seem to have broken the internet, and the awesome box set of awesomeness buys you a promise that they'll make you a disc set sometime in december so actually i won't be going for that after all :[
11th Oct, 2007 16:29 (UTC)
Something to be said for leaving massive downloads to the professionals then?
Getting the infrastructure set up to accept a zillion fans downloading simultaneously is still a tricky job, I fear. Outsourcing this little problem to Amazon might be the way forward in future...? :-)
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