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it's so stimulating being your hat

Another day of giddy excitement, marked by the thought striking me mid-afternoon, that it might be convenient if I had a facebook for business reasons. Do any of you other new media types have two, one for business and one for personal, and does it work, or is trying maintain boundaries like that doomed to failure?

Also, this:

no more insecure lizard misery
no more insecure lizard misery
We all want this


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12th Oct, 2007 17:40 (UTC)
I would suggest using LinkedIn.com for business purposes and (maybe) facebook for everything else.
15th Oct, 2007 09:33 (UTC)
I think LinkedIn is suitable for the buis/sci/tech/prog end of things but I'm actually in education
12th Oct, 2007 18:45 (UTC)
Er, I think we're hoping to make stacks of cash keeping people well away from Facebook etc.. :D But that's not an official position. Ahem.
15th Oct, 2007 09:41 (UTC)
if you mean for work, this is my work
Having watched a client group in action, bypassing blocking software in order to access (perfectly innocent) community sites, I think you may be in a "woman's wit" situation there.
15th Oct, 2007 12:11 (UTC)
Re: if you mean for work, this is my work
You may remember this case:
- if a company takes steps such that they can no longer be accused of "putting temptation in people's way" it could save them a lot of trouble (I imagine just one law$$$uit where someone tried to argue that, by not blocking addictive websites, the company was partly responsible for the fact they ended up spending all the working day on them, so it wasn't their fault and they shouldn't be sacked, would be quite expensive. Not to mention if someone developed RSI from too much pissing about on the web!). Of course I'm assuming (it's not unreasonable) that if someone had been tunneling past the restrictions, any judge would tell them to go sling their hook - but you never know, do you?

I should point out I am at home at lunch right now :D and going to have some chocolate!
15th Oct, 2007 12:42 (UTC)
no, never saw it
It had never occurred to me that you *could* blame the person that gave you an internet connection for the amount of time you spend on it! It's like, I don't know, blaming alcoholism on the fact that your office is next to three pubs (mine is)!
15th Oct, 2007 18:36 (UTC)
Re: no, never saw it
More like having beer on tap next to every toilet...
12th Oct, 2007 22:35 (UTC)
I love the way your drawing can be almost like some familiar hanwriting
13th Oct, 2007 20:11 (UTC)
I thought about it, but didn't in the end because of boundaries, yes - wasn't sure who to add to which, and how to explain the difference. Also, getting two would be conceding far too much time and attention to the medium. I know people who do have two, though.
15th Oct, 2007 09:48 (UTC)
Well, none of my friends would be booted out to the business one, which would be purely for clients and colleagues.

I think I will, I have a group session coming up next week and there's a strong possibility that one of the older ones will have a facebook. Just in the spirit of solving the problem before it happens.
14th Oct, 2007 02:20 (UTC)
Love the sexy artwork!
15th Oct, 2007 09:31 (UTC)
Yes - I have 2 accounts. The problem is that friends keep friending me on the wrong one and then I have the rigamarole of explaining and transferring them. Seems to work OK though. On the other hand, I haven't used it a lot for work - this term is kind of a test of how much it'll get used.
15th Oct, 2007 09:37 (UTC)
I was hoping someone else in education might respond. I've had a chat with another friend too, over the weekend and she also has two -- she put it up for things like doing demonstrations and presentations, she says. I might also need to friend clients and colleagues, and I'm thinking that a personal facebook would be unsuitable for that.
15th Oct, 2007 09:59 (UTC)
Re: thanks!
I agree. You might want to look at the link to Facebook for Academics OUCS course I posted as an item the other day - don't know if they allow external people to buy a place or if you know anyone at OUCS who could get you some course notes, but it is likely to address 'separation' issues.
15th Oct, 2007 12:09 (UTC)
Re: thanks!
I've sent out a small enquiry, although the problems I'm likely to suffer with my projected client group of 13-19s are going to be different to the potential problems with a uni group. You'd think. Surely.

Actually, they're probably not.
15th Oct, 2007 09:34 (UTC)
I have a standard text I use to tell friends about the distinction now. The main problem is actually not a bad one - I've made the work one is easier to find so anyone looking for me finds that one, not the personal one.
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