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we were abducted by aliens this morning

But we're alright now.

1. My weekly strip features my friend George, who has lent us her flat for filming!

2. Day of filming clashes with Comics 2001. Bugger. Can I travel to Bristol just for one day?

3. Shiny deco lady from yesterday's tat-attack at the market yesterday did not photograph well but the celtic pendant did OK.

4. andypop reckons it'll be OK to use Linus music for the film! Yay!


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24th May, 2002 14:09 (UTC)
a quick note
Kind of off-topic, but...

I was going through my old zine boxes and came across an old (1991) copy of Girlfrenzy, and I saw your stuff in it. Wowzers. And, cheers. You've joined the ranks of some of my favorite cartoonists like Mary Fleener and Roberta Gregory and the like.

Just thought you'd like to know.

25th May, 2002 01:11 (UTC)
Nice Pendant!
Wow, you got a good buy there...I have several bits of haematite; rings, etc. It hasn't given me renewed vitality and optimism, but it's cool stuff.
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