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vector magic from stanford

Seems like everyone's been playing with the vectoriser so I thought I'd try it out. I picked a picture I did for Drawanyway last week, with lots of tones and things, expecting I'd need to fiddle a bit to get it looking right. Actually, I didn't alter anything -- and I think I may prefer the results (below) to the original.

I almost prefer it to the original
I almost prefer it to the original
Especially that camoflage hair.


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14th Nov, 2007 14:27 (UTC)
I really like that. So Autumnal I want to shuffle through some leaves :@)
14th Nov, 2007 14:48 (UTC)
I...almost prefer it too, given the fall context...
14th Nov, 2007 15:15 (UTC)

I've delicious-ed that vector tool, thank you - it rocks.
14th Nov, 2007 15:39 (UTC)
Whoah!! what a great site!!! thanks for posting that.
14th Nov, 2007 20:16 (UTC)
Golden leaves and camo hair! Yummy.

but damn you and your vector link...! I've been wasting way too much time playing with it.

14th Nov, 2007 20:52 (UTC)
OK, now that's pretty impressive. I fed it some B&W line art, and it cleaned it up no end. I suspect it'd have done an even better job if I'd told it to generate B&W output (although I quite like the limited grey-scale it used).
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