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does anyone know what were these called?

what were these called?
Originally uploaded by Jeremy Dennis.

I remember, when I was a kid, everyone having them. They came loose from toyshops for a small amount of money or (more usually) out of stockings at christmas. They're hollow, and fit onto the top joint of a child's finger, where they would wiggle most revoltingly. Something-wigglers?

I've been getting rid of lots of things and some of the small and strange ones are being recorded over on my flickr.


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14th Nov, 2007 23:37 (UTC)
When I looked at this picture, I thought it was a real living creature. I thought, "oh my god! Jeremy's found a mutant lizard slug thing in her garden!"

I'm still adjusting...

Weren't they supposed to be pink or green, the plastic things?
15th Nov, 2007 12:08 (UTC)
Don't think so always. Mine was EXACTLY like that but, as above, I have no idea where it came from or what it was called.
15th Nov, 2007 13:48 (UTC)
They did come in a bright lurid pink with turquoise bits too I think.

and if I'd found something living that size I think I'd be photographing it from a distance not on hand, eugh
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