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the mermaid at the fish shop

While everyone else was away in the wilds putting on strange costumes and writing comics, I was doing the usual round at home. Perhaps that's why I feel a little sad now, or maybe it's just the slightly scratchy feel of fighting off a flu that would really like to flatten me for a few days. Also, I went for a non-fashion-based solution to my boots problem (Goliath work-boots) with the usual attendant wistfulness that prioritising practicality brings (only partially dispelled by immediately buying a stupid hat).

I also had a very strange dream involving a bus, buttered popcorn and Sandy Toksvig. It's a bit tricky to explain what the dream was about (it was very, um, topologically odd) but poor Sandy never got the buttered popcorn I'd promised to get her because I had to wake up and go to the loo instead. Also, this:

the mermaid at the fish shop
Originally uploaded by Jeremy Dennis.

It's a little difficult to parse, admittedly, but you're looking at a glass and metal sculpture of a mermaid holding a lovely display of smoked fish. I'm not sure if it's just up for christmas, but it would be a shame if that's the case. She's a thing of bizarre beauty. I particularly like the hint of internal organs inside her glassy chest.


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26th Nov, 2007 18:20 (UTC)
I thought the day would never come
If I could point you towards the unshared interests on my profile page.
27th Nov, 2007 11:14 (UTC)
Do you want more details?
27th Nov, 2007 20:52 (UTC)
I cannot remember the dream that led me to add that as an interest, I must say. Perhaps I should start a dedicated community. This leads me to wonder just how many people dream about Sandy Toksvig each night.
27th Nov, 2007 13:39 (UTC)
There used to be a
Saturday morning kids TV show called Number 73 hosted by Sandi Toksvig and set on a bus, although having looked it up ont'internet the bus theme may just have been my imagination
27th Nov, 2007 14:02 (UTC)
"Ethel would "tune in" to what was going on there via the 2-way steam video microwave (one of Percy's inventions). It was via this route that future Eurovision hopeful Kim Goody made her first appearance in the show."

Is that weirder than my dream? It might be, actually. I wonder where you got the bus from? Maybe they had an episode set on a bus, like the Young Ones did? There is an entire series about which its internet guardian of memory suspiciously, "remembers almost nothing".

Have to say, I remember ABSOLUTELY nothing about it, strange considering my fondness for hangover telly.
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