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I suppose that the world and their dog has heard about SatLav by now -- toilet locations by text message. Only in Westminster so far, but I can't see that failing to spread:

"The council said it hopes the service will stop people from urinating in alleyways, saying some 10,000 gallons of urine ends up in Westminster streets each year."

The Council is missing the point. People who are cool about pissing in streets aren't about to stop because they can get directions; chances are they already know where to find a toilet. However, the pee-shy and the menstruating, the mothers of fractious toddlers and the people who stormed out of the office forgetting to go on the way out salute you, Westminster council. There's a slim chance we'll call your service rather than pay the high price of Starbucks.

Shazam is far cooler. Dial down the middle of the phone (2580) and hold up the phone into the music. 50p identifies your tune by text message. Easy enough, even in the darkest venues.

In celebrity news, robertcrumb is now following me on Twitter! Although not, I suspect, that R.Crumb. Facebook just tried to change its agreement to stop the celebfanmitty profiles. I can't see that holding, can you?


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30th Nov, 2007 19:41 (UTC)
...saying some 10,000 gallons of urine ends up in Westminster streets each year.

I call shenanigans. How, pray tell, did they get that number?
30th Nov, 2007 21:07 (UTC)
Every time I start thinking about how they might measure that my brain crawls away, sobbing...
30th Nov, 2007 23:44 (UTC)
Possibly the amount estimated for the purposes of an enforcement violation on waterways pollution?
30th Nov, 2007 23:44 (UTC)
Of course, by law, a pregnant woman can urinate where ever she likes in your country. :-)
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