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dreams still not getting any better

Yet another one this morning, much the same plot. I'm at some sort of arts event organised by a woman I know and rather like but no-one's interested in the event any more and I can kind of see why. I've had variations on this at least three times in the last week. This time I was racing small, badly built robot cars around a little indoor track. They all failed on the first corner and I had to go back and tell them what to do (they followed simple voice instructions "turn 30% left", that sort of thing, but they were supposed to run the track automatically) and they all did that OK except for the cheerful yellow digger whose chassis fell off. But because the other cars only needed intermittent intervention, I went back to see what I could do for it and eventually nursed its naked chassis over the finishing line to the spotty applause of a few people none of whom knew me, thank god -- probably friends of the robots. The robot builders. And afterwards I went to find the organiser with the thought of making my excuses and going but she was so down that I ended up chatting to her, on and on, probably doing more harm than good...

This morning's news about Livejournal's upcoming move to Russia has me wrongfooted a bit. I suspect I'm in a bit of a minority among my friends in that I have automatic payments going -- once again I fall between the chaotic artists and the tidy programmers like a semi-coherent pelican in a semi-organised wilderness. Of course, now I come to think of it, those automatic payments are coming off an expired card (although I have until the end of January to put my affairs in order). Is it time to move on? I'm almost out of image space and most of the new features don't interest me so much.

You can tell I'm sobbing into my gin and tonic as I write this, can't you...

Twitter keeps telling me how much fun other people are having, and I'm stuck here with a stomach full of dead intestinal flora (I'm not sure but I'm blaming last week's flu) waiting for my rosti to rost. And blue hair, though, so it's not all bad.

I just wish I was a bit better at all of it, though.


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3rd Dec, 2007 21:40 (UTC)
I'm reading this as SixApart admitting that they misread the LJ culture when they bought it and that they're passing it on to an organization that really does understand LJ. I'm a bit worried about the repercussions re: Russian Politics but all the signs are good, including Brad coming back to be on the council or whatever the Russians are setting up.

Anyway, I'm not abandoning LJ. I've set up blogs elsewhere along with everyone else, but this is the network I keep coming back to.
3rd Dec, 2007 22:10 (UTC)
Russian LJ
Oh crap! I didn't pay any attention to this until you mentioned it.

Crap, crap, crap. Now I need to consider leaving LJ. Gah.
4th Dec, 2007 09:16 (UTC)
Re: Russian LJ
It doesn't seem to be actually moving though. SUP is setting up a company in San Francisco specifically to run LJ. It's not as if it's being sold to the Russian Mafia or Vladimir Putin or anything.

4th Dec, 2007 08:08 (UTC)
"I just wish I was a bit better at all of it, though."
Don't we all wish we were.
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