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Good old 2007. It's been a bit of crawl back to health for me, especially spring when about the only thing of any importance that happened was Mildred the Space Kiwi. It wasn't empty though, more astonishingly hapless: I went to a burlesque night -- on my anniversary. I started watching Top Gear -- and liking it. I had a barbecue -- in march. I nearly gave up comics and burned my back catalogue -- over nothing.

It was also the year of social networking sprawl: 43things to track goals (has its benefits) allconsuming to track consumption (I'm not really listy enough to enjoy this), Tumblr for linklogging and random pictures, Twitter for passing thoughts and Facebook for, um. What is it for again?

Summer was a time of fail, as I failed to get better (instead getting worse), failed to sort out a whole slew of house things (half cut down lelandii, broken plumbing, roof issues), failed to do any cartooning (bar a strip that was too personal to publish) or get to any conventions (barring caption), failed to get onto Second Life and got rats. Hurrah! Still, no floods -- so a win!

Most of autumn I spent building a greenhouse. Oh, and I ran the Lord of the Rings Eating a Drinking Party. Of Doom.

Winter I was beginning to feel like my old self again, and bought a stupid hat, whinged about shoes and spent Christmas (as I have spent most of this year) with the lovely timscience. Yay! And his family, who were very good to me :)

In 2008 (auger auger) I anticipate buying a lot more socks. I think I may become obsessed with reading chairs for several months. Hedging will be important, as will bulbs (the indoor variety). I shall finish a lot of books and return to some old ones as yet unfinished. It will be a year of compartmentalisation and filing. Sequins, beads and even embroidery will have their moment. Things will find their proper place.

Now to the resolutions:

1. Sort out the CDs. DO IT!
2. Chuck a lot more stuff out. Remember, the blue box is your friend.
3. Reclaim every other Saturday.
4. Deal with the niggling workspace problem.
5. Try and keep your yes/no ratio approximately even.
6. Finish more things than you start.
7. Set aside time for writing.
8. Draw up your dreams in monotone.
9. Be less paranoid (except when they are actually out to get you).
10. Ask before you sigh.

P.S. I nearly forgot:

my darling diary - detail
my darling diary - detail
She troubles me.

ETA: Resolution eleven is to use the post to blog button more often, and stop the other networking sites punching out the content of this one.

For practical reasons, I'll probably be colouring less on the computer this year. It's wonderfully flexible, but the tendency towards perfectionism seems impossible to stamp out. Sorry about the lettering. Teazel kept pouncing on the ribbon of my sketchpad.

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