Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

shadows, bicycle meditation, playmobil, happy friday

The internet seems to be a much better place than real life today. The rain isn't helping, I suppose, and there's sunshine online. Lots of sunshine.

This set off flickr of New York shadows is kind of mesmerising. Arty, not too long. We are the shadow people

A person who was relieved I wasn't talking about sticking real jellyfish* to my ceiling elsewhere turned out to have a series of "bicycle meditations" on her site, including this one about what people really mean when they shout get off the fucking road.

Oh, and this what happened when Matt bought Lynn the Playmobil Roman Coliseum: Cleopatra meets the Village Gladiators (with chariots).

Happy friday one and all!

up up and oh! reduced
up up and oh! reduced
Little superman at the artshop sale.

P.S. Anyone know a supplier of wholesale plastic jellyfish?
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