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thunderstorms in january : lies about Delia Derbyshire (weekly strip)

Wow, did anyone else's world just disappear under a mass of sheeting rain? I could actually hear people caught in the deluge screaming outside! The thunderclaps and sirens seem to have receded now, but I'm re-evaluating my plan of walking home. (checks bag - no umbrella) Actually, I'm probably not walking home.

So, yes, this week's strip is called Delia Derbyshire's Electric Playground. Based on a dream, which in turn was I think based on The Hemulen who Loved Silence and timscience's spirited defence of Little Chef as a biker hangout (although he points out that the strip is flawed because the bikers like electro). Because of the dark colours, it may be a little hard to see. If that's the case you can take a closer look.

Delia Derbyshire's Electric Playground
Delia Derbyshire's Electric Playground
All the children like to play in Delia's electric playground.

Next weekend I was a little short of plans but I just discovered that it's the Big Garden Birdwatch, so that's an hour taken care of, at least... and oh, I have Bill Oddie news! He's doing a programme called Bill Oddie's Wild Side, which (among challenging cameramen to find lizards, imitating wrens, etc.) affords a truly disturbing glimpse into Bill Oddie's back garden which is ... well, words fail me. Suffice it to say that he's having problems with a fox knocking his plaster jesus into a water feature.

P.S. Primeval: is that girl who picked up Connor in the video shop a spy from the future or a journalist, do you think?
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