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"Jeremy Dennis! Neat!"

Been wasting time at work reading the awesome Borderline online comics zine, and various blogs of UK small pressers. Wandering back through the TRS (The Review Sheet) archives, found an old review of my last (untitled, misprinted, uncorrected, badly photocopied) zine, by Andrew Luke.

"Jeremy Dennis once again finds the auburn fluffy toy in a world of metallic hum and artificial weather."

To think, I used to cry when I read my reviews :)

Funny thing, this morning, coming into work, I got the strangest impression that my face was turquoise (middle of the nose downwards) and orange (eyes up over forehead), both colours light and luminous, as if my skin were stained glass with sun shining through. It hit again on the way under the underpass, coming back from lunch, a harsh diagonal streak this time, the exact same orange. What would you call that? Not exactly a hallucination. Maybe I should try and draw it ...

Ooof. Just cut out half the introduction to my Annual Report. At this rate I'll be able to make a whole nother report from the excised pieces. "When I started working in May last year, offered little (if any) of the functionality it claimed, and the information on the site was outdated, badly written, inappropriate, and in some cases quite inaccurate ..." True, but not exactly Annual Report material.

Aargh. Concentrate.

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