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bidding farewell to the january kittens

a fond farewell to the january kittens
Originally uploaded by Jeremy Dennis.

I bought a kitten calendar in this year, to cheer myself up at work. The result has been these two mopey desolate cold little kittens staring at me with their little petulant, accusatory eyes all month. This morning I finally got to turn over the calendar to February kitten, which is surrounded with roses and has a sort of alarmed look about it. How apropos, if not exactly what I was hoping for from my kitten calendar. I think I'll return to something more reliable next year. Ducklings, maybe.


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1st Feb, 2008 10:59 (UTC)
Those are very January kittens.
1st Feb, 2008 11:08 (UTC)
What about Owls.
1st Feb, 2008 14:36 (UTC)
December's giving me the fear.
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