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happy friday anyway

Chirpy post last thing* from Worker E. A huge jumble of PDFs and links with the standard "put this on the website and mail me the links" message. From the looks of it, about half of them have been downloaded off other people's websites, so it'll be another investigation job. No deadline, either. I'm sure some training in approval systems would help but I seem to be stuck at that unfortunate moment when everyone's agreed that I absolutely should receive some training and stuck there, but before I've actually been sent on it.

never mind: happy friday anyway.

first crocus
first crocus
From down by the river. COLOUR!

* Her last thing, not mine, obviously.


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2nd Feb, 2008 00:57 (UTC)
There's some kind of fundamental law about why those who demand the unreasonable are those who will never understand why they're being unreasonable, I'm sure, only put better.

Happy Saturday!
2nd Feb, 2008 11:03 (UTC)
2nd Feb, 2008 23:25 (UTC)
no, definitely crocuses
explosion of crocuses
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