Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

good grief! blackbirds!, bound in contemporary sheep, chameleon riding mini-tanks

Friday: Blackbirds in the greenhouse, fighting! They got in through the drainage holes. One hops out happily enough when I approach, but it takes the other feebly cheeping for me to spot it, badly stunned and slumped against the glass, clearly the loser in this fight. I take it out, carefully, and it doesn't die in my hands, always a plus. I tuck it into a hedge where its claws close around a branch, reflexively, and I leave it to maybe recover, or get picked off by the neighbourhood cats, and go back to lean bricks against the drainage holes to stop that blackbird repeating that clever trick. No sign of it the following morning, so maybe it got better. The blackbirds are fighting hard at the moment, though, so maybe the other one came back to finish it off.

Saturday: Some collector has winnowed their collection in the direction of the bookshop. Jason passes me one that's puzzling him. Ooooh! I say, 18th Century! I'm wrong -- just. An 1815 Latin text book published for Eton. Bound in "contemporary sheep", hence the 18thC feel. An combined text book and copy-book, half the pages are blank. Half of the blank pages are covered in notes in an exquisite precursor of copperplate, the ink faded to a muted brown. No name, no personal identifiers at all. Not even a doodle. Some oddity. I wrap it in notes and leave it for the manager; one for the next auction, maybe. There's a catalogue number in the front, so it's been to auction before. Though that's no guarantee of desirability, of course.

Sunday: we take a break from the mad elaborate roast and take the electric plane launchers out into the garden. Another spring storm has blown in but the plane launchers cut through it, sending out inexpert creations spinning down my garden (and occasionally into the neighbours'). When the cold wind chases us back in we dig out the minitanks and Tim balances my artist's chameleon on them, as if they were roller skates and drives them into a wineglass. Which reminds me, I really should go and put that on Youtube....


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