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busy busy busy week - this week's strip

Barely even time to post this week's strip.

This one comes with recommended listening from Future of the Left.

Time for a proper update later (maybe). I need to rant about a few things, but it means having enough time to get all the way up onto my high horse.

smiles in the city - detail
smiles in the city - detail
In line, grime and spot colour.


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5th Feb, 2008 14:07 (UTC)
Sometimes you are so spot on it is impossible not to love you. I tried to think of a way to write that that wouldn't sound strange coming from an almost stranger.

Edited at 2008-02-05 14:08 (UTC)
5th Feb, 2008 14:21 (UTC)
I really can't think of how to say it better.

Ms. Dennis, you do so very much impress.
5th Feb, 2008 14:21 (UTC)
Dog cuteness is always smileworthy.
1st Mar, 2008 03:21 (UTC)
I liked the dog very much as well.
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