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dreams, vox popped about Jamie Oliver

I keep having stupidly complicated dreams. In this morning's dream there were support groups with strange names based in villages and other areas in Oxfordshire: one was called Inwar of Witwar (in my mind, Witwar was a small suburb on the outskirts of Oxford). Ah, I thought, I know what that means, it's a Gerard Manly Hopkins word like inscape or agenbite of inwit. Which not only makes no sense at all, it's a tossy lit crit error, too. Maybe my brain's trying to tell me to go back to college before it's too late.

Oxfordites may have already heard about Jamie Oliver's new restaurant. What was news to me was that it's going where the Cock and Camel was, right in Oxford's own vomit alley. I was stopped by a man with a minidisc player outside the Old Orleans opposite and asked what I thought of that. Bit posh for the area? I suppose it depends on what he's serving. Further down the street, signs indicate the approach of a Yo Sushi, so maybe I'm wrong about that.

Several people have listing what is annoying them at the moment. I'm never short of ire; here are my two current fumes.

Terrible Band Websites. Black Francis, I'm looking at you. I want to know when your damn concert is starting, not be exposed to your designer chum mate's decidedly 1998 ideas about what constitutes a good website. But thankyou, thankyou for resurrecting the term "mystery meat navigation" in my mind, because, you know, I'd not used it in years.

Smug little messages about downloading Firefox. It's the noughties equivalent of "this website is best viewed in". Fix your browser errors or decide they don't matter, because what someone is viewing your website in is their business and not yours. FYFI I (and probably everyone else reading this) either already have Firefox or aren't about to download it on the say-so of a random website. We may not be looking at it in Firefox, but we're not about to switch browsers unless your information is actually invisible, in which case, see the message above about fixing your browser errors.


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7th Feb, 2008 19:30 (UTC)
Could be worse than smug little messages
There's a (Microsoft) website I have to use quite a lot as part of my job - to download and upload various things.
It refused to let me in on account of my (Microsoft) OS and (ditto) browser not being on the "approved list" - slightly too old - despite being patently up to the task. I recall that I cracked my knuckles and fiddled with the registry until the website capitulated in the (erroneous) belief that I was now using something else... the cheek of it, really!
8th Feb, 2008 10:39 (UTC)
Re: Could be worse than smug little messages
Meh, I find largescale commercial incompetence easier to cope with that selfrighteous individual tosspottery, but your mileage may vary.
8th Feb, 2008 10:27 (UTC)
Ughh. Jamie Oliver. He won't actually be there will he? It's presumably just some endorsement deal, right? I don't think I can face the site of his grinning mug on one more thing.
8th Feb, 2008 10:40 (UTC)
He's launching his new "series" of restaurants* there, so I imagine his face will be around for a bit (though not actually in the kitchen)

* I think he means chain.
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