Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

so much for going shopping to cheer myself up

The CD single I bought myself in my lunch-hour contained not music, but an "enhanced music experience". In this case, blacking out the screen (excuse me, I was working there!) and placing a business-card-sized audio-video player in the middle of it. The track was good and the video was interesting so I clicked on "enlarge", and it did enlarge -- to about the size of a Youtube video. Screw that, thought I, I'll just listen to the music in the background, tried exiting the player, and when it insisted on playing me an excruciatingly slow advert for the band's website first, did what I should have done from the outset and pressed Esc.

I had this sunny idea about listening to it in the background maybe, using my media player, but the website contains no audio tracks at all, just the full-screen player and a quicktime movie. So I'm feeling kind of ripped off now here, HOT CHIP, and given that this seems to be the only available physical single HOT CHIP I'm kind of thinking this is not so much a single HOT CHIP as an advert for the downloads HOT CHIP, and advert which the consumer pays you for HOT CHIP.

Though of course we all no that the dear little band isn't at fault here. Dear me no. the criminals are surely THE MUSIC INDUSTRY*.

Poll #1135191 the music industry are made of wank

What should I do with my "enhanced CD"?

Take it back to shop because it has no music on it
Put it in the bag for Oxfam
See if it works better in the DVD player
Novelty coaster
Bird Scarer

I think enhanced CDs are:

A transparent attempt to make fans pay for music twice.
Just reward for anyone who still buys singles.
The only reason I still use the Esc button.
Another nail in Top of the Pops's coffin.
Another jig on Top of the Pops's grave

Singles should be:

Round, shiny and 7" wide.
Downloadable and DRM free.
Shiny tiny CDs wrapped in hand-stamped paper wraps and sequins.
No-frills CD with nice artwork.
Packaged in a dubious .exe file

Jeremy should stop wasting her afternoon on pointless fury and do this instead:


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