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you can't argue with me, I own a sledgehammer

... and perhaps more crucially, I managed not to break my wrist with it. Nice weather for putting up a fence this weekend, wasn't it? Too bad that even though the weather is nice, the days are short. Still, half a fence is better than none.

I had to leave a party at around twenty to midnight on Saturday which was TOO BAD because I was in a kitchen with two other Oxford Illustrators and we were about (fuelled by martinis and bitterness) to form the League of Angry Illustrators. Tim reckons they're the sworn enemy of The Library, a group of superheroes that exist chiefly as scribbled notes tucked down the side of my bed. Precis is my favourite, you can probably guess how her powers work. I'm not sure that the League of Angry Illustrators would be able to do much, though. There's a limit to the active effect of a satirical cartoon.

This week's strip may have a slightly valentinish theme. I'd apologise, but, you know. I don't want to, and I wouldn't mean it.

detail from (I) forget the day
detail from (I) forget the day
Caution, it's soppy.


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