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This is my valentines card for all of you. I hope it gives you a warm, slightly nervous feeling inside, and stirs pleasant memories of Swamp Thing -- i.e. the comic, not the movie.

In defence of ivy, I should point out that it almost never eats humans (at least when they're alive), and has only managed to break into my house once, although that time it did make an unholy mess of a window frame and spill greenfly all over a bunch of old zines and comics. It would have broken in more times, I'm sure, except that I keep spotting it in time to chop it up before it gets me.

I'll say this for plants: slow moving.

Happy Valentine's 2008
Happy Valentine's 2008
Nature. Don't turn your back on it.


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14th Feb, 2008 19:40 (UTC)
Ivy is EVIL! You need to poison it off your house if it's clinging on. Nasty stuff.

And the flowers smell of spunk. Not a great smell IMO.
14th Feb, 2008 23:54 (UTC)
Now I've got this stuck in my head:

(Happy Valentine's Day to you too. x)
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