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happy friday!

OK right now I am just listening to Pardon Garçon by Autokratz and it is very hard to avoid DANCING AT MY DESK. But the sun has gone down! I was hoping it to be my first walk home in light all year. Soon, soon, soon.

I did a sufficiently absurd valentines card for Tim it probably deserves posting on Istructables. They're running a competition, but I don't much fancy the prizes, aptly enough.

Never mind, happy friday, anyway!

there are owls in the fashion shop
there are owls in the fashion shop
They have are designs on your breasts


15th Feb, 2008 19:18 (UTC)
I saw those earlier today and had to give myself a Very Strict Talking-To along the lines of "yeah ok owls are great but you. cannot. wear. yellow." It doesn't go with my big pink face.
16th Feb, 2008 00:34 (UTC)
I had a similar conversation with myself "ys OK lovely owl but not when stetched over bosom of doom"