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When I phoned Tim last he said (before he said anything else) "Tharg printed your letter!" ... and yes, it is true. I wrote in to mildly protest the savage destruction of giant robot dinosaurs by bony monster of fear, Shakara!, and had my letter published, verbatim. Which proves I've still got it, I suppose, though what I've got is another question. Tharg asked if I'd like Shakara to destroy some giant clockwork ostriches next. That sounds like a stick to beat artists with :D

Also, last night's Life in Cold Blood, mmm? Those Mexican Beaded Lizards are gorgeous, aren't they? The moment I'm a world-ransoming supervillain it'll be them, on my lawn, patrolling the haha around my elaborate summerhouse. "Why yes, Mr Bond, they are lovely. But wait until they start to bite... bwahahahahaha!"

Oh, and I nearly forgot to post this week's strip, which is of the purely autobiographical sort. I build a fence, I think gloomy thoughts, a robin lands on it. That sort of thing. A detail that didn't make it into the strip is Mariella Frostrup (one of next door's two enormous tom cats) concluding she that can't get through the ordinary cat-sized holes in the trellis, and going round, while staring at us, balefully.

how to build a wildlife-friendly back fence
how to build a wildlife-friendly back fence
First, take your sledge-hammer.


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19th Feb, 2008 15:13 (UTC)
Aw, I never had a letter printed by Tharg. Bastard never calls either.
19th Feb, 2008 15:36 (UTC)
He never calls, he never writes, once a year you get a card in betelgeusian ...
19th Feb, 2008 16:52 (UTC)
Congratulations on the letter.
Mexican beaded lizard? Gorgeous but I'd rather have the monitor lizard. Anything that is prepared to stand up to David and can run 20 mph can be my lizard guardian when I set up my evil genius lair.
19th Feb, 2008 21:06 (UTC)
love the strip!
I wonder if the new fence would be up to the task of keeping monitor lizards in place as garden guardians. We could make the area behind the shed our 'dry garden' on the grounds that the leylandii will be sucking up all the water. Perfect for lizard guardians .
20th Feb, 2008 10:11 (UTC)
you struck wireless?
Two words: giant digging reptilian claws.
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