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Artists Chameleon meets David Attenborough

waiting for david
Originally uploaded by Jeremy Dennis.

Well, he didn't really meet him, as such. He was signing and chatting at a fevered pace, a kind smile and a few words for each and every one of his adoring public (and there were a lot of them) and a scribbled signature on his sold-out book. Laggards that we were, the queue had already snaked around the childrens section and back to the toys, and anyway STRICTLY the only things being signed were copies of his current book bought from Borders in the last two hours. That guy in black? He was checking.

So we slithered into the viewpoint with Artists Chameleon and Gaudy Gecko and did what we could. Start here and hit next until Gaudy Gecko is sat on the Big Book of Snakes, bidding Dave a fond farewell.

For the record, timscience did shout "Oi, Dave, sign my lizard!" but only very quietly.


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22nd Feb, 2008 01:13 (UTC)
I had the same hassle with Lauren Bacall's minder in the late 70s. I bought her book, but I really wanted "If you want me, just whistle -- and you know how to whistle, don't you, Steve?". Still, her signature's nice.
22nd Feb, 2008 02:33 (UTC)
I think if someone has spent time queuing up to meet you, you should sign whatever the hell they want. Or just chat to them, if they only literally want to meet you. Though I do agree with a maximum items limit.

Maybe you could get David Icke to sign your lizard.
22nd Feb, 2008 09:29 (UTC)
It was Borders rather than Dave, I think. They had him under very tight control. There was a guy off to the right checking for contraband lizards and such.

I'm sure he'd have signed if the Border guards had let us through.

I'm now wondering if we could get David Attenborough to sign David Icke.
22nd Feb, 2008 09:08 (UTC)
skeaking of cold blooded things...
...I noticed there was a letter in a weekly scifi comic re big lizards from a JD of Oxford this week

22nd Feb, 2008 09:45 (UTC)
Well done for trying, anyway. I'd have been far too frit.
(Deleted comment)
22nd Feb, 2008 20:20 (UTC)
I second this motion.
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