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Klaxons last night for some (not very) secret gig which I got tickets to purely by walking past the right box office just as it was opening. More in the flow than in the know. I was a bit ill for the Brookes gig so to see them from the right vantage point (deep in the mosh pit with indie elbows in my face) was the business. I lost my watch, into the mosh it went and it never came back. But it was a new rave watch (plastic, translucent red + skulls, £6.99 from Claires) and would have wanted to go that way. It has also been reliably gaining 15 minutes a month for... well, for a while. Possibly since I bought it. I also scored a glowstick for my woodpecker! And we got back in time to watch David Attenborough snake-bothering on Life in Cold Blood. Rock and roll!

While we're on links, if you enjoyed Being Human -- watch it here -- (the pilot for the vampire/werewolf/ghost flatshare series -- think Shallow Grave meets Ultraviolet with a side serving of Queer as Folk) you can tell BBC3, though I'm pessimistic as (unlike the rather awful Phoo Action) there's no celebrity involvement apparently the Executive Producer is Rob Pursey, bassist from Talulah Gosh/Heavenly/Tender Trap so hush my mouth...

In other news, I was going to post a photo here that would give a portion of my friendslist a laugh maybe but it seems a bit a stupid now and the people in question won't be in the mood for laughing anyway. (beat) Damn, I'll post it anyway. My letter to Tharg: (larger sizes on clickthrough)

tharg writes back


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26th Feb, 2008 12:45 (UTC)
Next week on Tharg Needs Told...

Bah everything else you've mentioned has made me more aware on how much I'm behind on my telly watching.
26th Feb, 2008 13:36 (UTC)
well you can strike Phoo Action off the list (if it was on it) because it's bobbins.
26th Feb, 2008 13:38 (UTC)
I'm afraid having the words "Jamie Hewlett" attached to it gets it at least a viewing.
26th Feb, 2008 13:51 (UTC)
That was my thought, too. Well, you have a fast forward button, I'm sure.
26th Feb, 2008 18:14 (UTC)
That's what I thought, but it was *profoundly* pants.
26th Feb, 2008 12:46 (UTC)
- gongrats on being a "squaxx dek thargo", jeremy...!
26th Feb, 2008 17:29 (UTC)
While laughter is hard to find just now, this magnificent communication made me smile quite widely.
26th Feb, 2008 18:23 (UTC)
congrats for my secret shame?

oops I just told the interbnet
27th Feb, 2008 11:57 (UTC)
yr "secret shame" reminds me of steve writing a long detailed letter of gomment & griticism to marvel's the champions gomic circa 1975 - which was cut down in the letters page to something like "i thought issue 12 couldn't be topped but champions no.13 was a masterpiece of comic book art!"

- i wish now i still had the issue
27th Feb, 2008 18:01 (UTC)
Something similar happened to the last letter I sent Thargwards, much to my ?15-year-old self's chagrin.

Age and cynicism have made me better at getting my complaints printed in full -- it seems
26th Feb, 2008 13:18 (UTC)
Giant clockwork ostriches? Goodness, he has your measure.
26th Feb, 2008 13:44 (UTC)
hopefully whoever gets the request to draw them won't have my home address ...
26th Feb, 2008 18:39 (UTC)
Perhaps the Mighty One is familiar with our Jeremy's work.
26th Feb, 2008 14:05 (UTC)
oxford indiepop / tv mafia
I note Being Human is executively produced by Rob Pursey, ie bassist with Talulah Gosh / Heavenly / Tender Trap!
26th Feb, 2008 18:24 (UTC)
wrong about no celebrities!
That's extremely gladdening, post edited to reflect that.
26th Feb, 2008 18:35 (UTC)
Re: oxford indiepop / tv mafia
The writer has a few noteworthy Torchwood / Who links, too.

-- signature #1437

Edited at 2008-02-26 18:38 (UTC)
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