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That BBC4 programme about Fantasy authors should be of interest to anyone who'd like to know how Will Self and China Mieville's opinions differ on C.S.Lewis. There's also the beautiful sight of various notable authors trying not to say just how much they dislike the books of (especially one particular) other notable authors -- although with the dead ones, no-one is especially restrained (Phil Jupitus on Lewis is especially recommended). Next week we get to hear about Mervyn Peake -- a sad, sad story if ever there was one.

Friends of Steve Whitaker have set up a couple of tributes on his two major community sites: jellytown here, and Steemol over on Flickr. I yanked a couple of pictures off my wall to add to the pools, pictures steve drew of me including this one of me as the Small Press Fairy.

small press fairy and friend

I think jinty has also been drawn as the Small Press Fairy...

Note to self: buy neibling a twilight turtle for upcoming birthday. Also, buy self some of those tasty no-player headphones when they come on the market this summer. And then a big hood to avoid the worse effects of the mug-me-for-my-stuff chic.


28th Feb, 2008 15:55 (UTC)
PP is still trotting out that line about CS Lewis that ever since he did it at OUSFG sounds to me like "She's an adolescent woman, inevitably she's obsessed with lipstick because that is what women are good for."
28th Feb, 2008 16:03 (UTC)
ahhhh the dulcet tones of PP having an opinion
The rants he does spark. I believe my considered response, snarled at the television, was as follows:

"Fine! --but if Lewis fetishised innocence, you fetishise ignorance!"

... but it's probably best for my blood pressure not to get me started on PP. I did try to avoid mentioning him...
28th Feb, 2008 16:27 (UTC)
oh dear I am going to start something
...so ignore me if you must (ie it wd be bad for yr blood pressure) but surely PP is rather keen on knowledge? Lyra knows a lot and learns more by the end of the trilogy, the Church = in favour of ignorance and stupidity and blind obedience, etc etc.