Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

I've had the rip-roaring, brain-killing cold from hell

In fact, I finally found out what those Lemsip Max Cold & Flu 12HR capsules are for. They're for when you have two sessions booked with young people at 9am and 6pm, with a yawning expanse of public transport and other peoples' computer problems between. It mostly went OK, if you disinclude the mysterious disappearance of my laptop's power source. But I have become somewhat frayed, now. Definitely somewhat frayed.

I also suffered a major loss of confidence in last week's strip, and this week's didn't even get drawn yet (it's scripted, but I spent today coughing, snivelling and staring into space). Sorry. Have a goose.

goose is not a trojan duck
goose is not a trojan duck
apology for lateness

Trying to think if anything interesting happened in the last week. Let's see now. Overcrowded pub strange man staring at me too late up crash crash crash finished Q really rather interesting hauled out of bed for party, boys in suits playing guitar hero looking like an unholy cross between ZZ Top and Talking Heads, girls in well-cut dresses (why don't I own one of them?) playing guitar hero I took photos but they're chemical so won't be ready for a while yet pub lunch too big sunday evening telly marathon work work work cry work some more repeat until urgent list crashed me good then into bed/sofa/bed.

Aside fro a weird screen resolution bug, that's been pretty much it.

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