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howwible dreams ... i is disturbed

Annoyed by something, my subconscious rewards me with a night of dreams featuring a level of symbolism so blatant I can only assume it was meant ironically. Example: I am locked into a room as part of a psychology experiment with a life-size hardboard standee of me wrapped in thorns. I have to hug it before they will let me out of the room. Come on!

Later, things got stranger. We were sat in my room looking up the hill through the french windows as a car bumped down it to crash into the standing stone. Neal (a vegetarian friend) was in the corner of picking at the well-cooked meat of a half-covered up side of something or other. "I've got some game here to keep me going," he says. I start to say, "Do you mind, I have to sleep in here," but I'm embarrassed, so say nothing. The people get out of the car and begin to lurch down the hill. It's Edina and Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous. I ask Neal for some of the meat and he passes me a chunk, and I start to eat it. We agree we should let them in, and Edina's secretary (Bubbles?) climbs under the french windows (there's a man-size fox-hole under them), passes them an enormous key, and then scuttles back into the room, leaving them holding the key. The meat I'm eating seems to be getting softer and rawer, and I notice it has a lot of bone in it. I turn it over and realise it looks a lot like part of a human hand, from the wrist to the knuckles, no fingers and thumb ...

Just what I like, waking up with the taste of human flesh in my mouth. Urgh.

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