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pigeons halt tree-felling plans

I was just considering whether I should call in a tree surgeon to deal with the last two stubborn lelandii (dear god, the biomass on those things) or whether buying another rope would be enough, when a pigeon flew out from over my head -- from that "old nest" I found yesterday. Can they be breeding already? I found a caterpillar yesterday, but I wouldn't expect birds to be on nest until april, really.

Hmmm, a conundrum. The nest has been left rather exposed, and once there are squabs they'll be vulnerable to magpies and squirrels -- even cats, as it's an easy jump from a shed roof which is on at least two prowl routes. But do I let nature take its course, or perform an eviction? At this time of year, they'll not have invested too much in any young (if they've even started laying) so starting again might be easier -- on the other hand, they might just skip this year altogether, and there's no guarantee the predators will be successful -- but if I do let them go ahead, and the cats get the adult bird on nest?

Of course there's the possibility that the pigeons will notice that their nest site's a bit drafty and find another one... although, I think we're talking the same couple that thought laying an egg on three twigs balanced on a down-pipe was a good idea, so perhaps not.

As ever, I turn to the collective wisdom of the internet:

Poll #1157409 lelandii vs pigeon

What should my next move be?

Buy another rope
Book tree surgeon immediately so pigeon can move to less-doomed tree
Wait a week to see if pigeon moves to somewhere less drafty
Abandon felling plans till fledging
Abandon felling plans permenantly

Assuming I decide to encourage pigeon, best gift?

Home sweet home sign for tree
Webcam (with optional fez)
Tasty seeds
Put back some of the branches so it's not so exposed
Bird bath

Assuming I decide to discourage pigeon, best approach

Install expensive surveillance equipment
Bill Oddie
Binoculars and catapult
Wait and let the three local tom-cats do the dirty work

Number of a local tree surgeon?

Funny pigeon story or interesting pigeon fact


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20th Mar, 2008 13:34 (UTC)
@thorn11 My friend matt went through a phase of wrapping stuff up and then photographing it. The postbox was quite a sensation for the postman anyway...

@crazycrone - I feel better about maltreating pigeons now.
20th Mar, 2008 13:44 (UTC)
Frankly, if it's the same unwise pigeons, you have to ask yourself whether it will help or hinder the pigeon species to let that pair breed.
20th Mar, 2008 14:30 (UTC)
hinder the species?
On that sort of timescale, I doubt anything I do will have an effect. Maybe I should domesticate them?
20th Mar, 2008 16:08 (UTC)
Re: hinder the species?
Domesticated pigeons? Only worth the seed if they can find their way home. :-)
20th Mar, 2008 14:32 (UTC)
@benchilada -- hmm, I am a bit stuck as to what to eat this easter, and it would certainly resolve the problem

@timscience -- they make far too much noise to be ninjas. Possibly there are also ninja pigeons in the tree, but I didn't see them?
20th Mar, 2008 17:46 (UTC)
You wouldn't see a Ninja pigeon until it was TOO LATE.

Edited at 2008-03-20 17:47 (UTC)
( 6 worms — Feed the birds )