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this week's strip, recycling mishaps

In addition to the pigeon dilemma, please enjoy this week's strip. The subject matter is one of the cartoonist cheats -- not being able to find the script. But, oh, the irony! I found the script I had lost while scanning it. I'd left it in a pile of print-outs next to the scanner. In other news, I ran out to retrieve the lid of my blue recycling box this morning just in time to see the dustcart run it over. Crunch! While I was pitifully trying to fit the splintered remnants onto my blue box, one of the dustmen jogged over with a replacement lid. Perhaps they do it a lot...

All is lost - detail
All is lost - detail
Kitchen -- dirtier than shown.

I've been putting Gecko (new computer) through its paces on the colouring (hence the inconsistencies, I'm experimenting). Graphics tablets sure have lots of spiffy tricks under Vista! I imagine it'll be doing slightly unexpected things for a while yet...


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20th Mar, 2008 17:07 (UTC)
The squid hoodie is magnifique.
20th Mar, 2008 21:37 (UTC)
Re: Style!
tres belle indeed. A gift from the lovely timscience.
20th Mar, 2008 18:29 (UTC)
I love ALL your weekly strips, but this one, in particular, speaks to me! What a sea of paper I wade around in every day!
Favorite detail? Pink Squid on sleeve.

Edited at 2008-03-20 18:29 (UTC)
20th Mar, 2008 21:40 (UTC)
drifts of paper
My squoodie. There's a product pic here.
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