Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

bank holiday activity log

painted ceiling swirly
Added iridescent highlights to swirls
visited garden centre
Had friends round for tea and biscuits (chocolate and orange)
Been hailed on
planted small cherry tree
cleared greenhouse
planted seeds (sweet peas, mixed annual climbers)
ate frankfurter sandwich
stroked cat (purrrr)
eaten a mint aero
Watched 10,000BC (mammoths - v. good)
Drank tea (5 cups)
Read comics in bed (now finished all comics bought at Thing)
discovered that garlic can sometimes go blue when cooked! (and that it isn't poisonous or anything)
Long shower (mint and miranda soaps)
Read New Scientist
Read Fortean Times

and now: bed.

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