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more cartoons I'd like to see

I've been reading the Guardian Weekend Supplement in one hand and New Scientist in the other, as surely one of them will help to make sense of the chaos of my life. With my other hand I'm stroking the cat, and with my other other hand playing scrabble on Facebook. There's a cup of tea somewhere, as well. Anyway. the Guardian has an article on professional declutterers (including such heady tips as "use freecycle" and "donate items to a charity shop" and "most people have far too many glasses"), and the New Scientist has one about how the proliferating complication of systems inevitably leads to their collapse. Unless you talk to other scientists, in which case it doesn't, might not, or possibly could lead to an entirely new way of establishing systems. Hurrah.

I was going to provide citations for those articles, but I just found lungless frog leaves scientists gasping and have completely lost the plot. Sorry. Also: this

I'm wondering about costumes
I'm wondering about costumes
Maybe something colourful for Ben and a cowl to go with Charlie's scowl.
Make your own at blyberg.net


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8th Apr, 2008 00:33 (UTC)
Ben G is younger and far better looking than you imagine. Than I imagined anyway, until I met him.
8th Apr, 2008 09:28 (UTC)
skinny and curly, right?
I had in mind Ben in some sort of rational version of The Riddler's costume, and Charlie in classic dark knight attire
8th Apr, 2008 14:59 (UTC)
The lungless frog linked to other lungless amphibians including the caecilians, an entire family of legless amphibians I had never hear heard of - amphibian snakes, fascinating.
8th Apr, 2008 15:55 (UTC)
oh, in which case you'll love this
caecilian nest filmed for first time.

I would caution against eating while watching it, though.
9th Apr, 2008 07:35 (UTC)
Re: oh, in which case you'll love this
I am not sure how I missed this on Life in Cold Blood. Micro napping I suspect.
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