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ardal o'hanlon is a dirty stop-out

I had a long complicated dream last night which I don't remember, except for the bit where one of the characters called up Ardal O'Hanlon at an unreasonable time of the morning to mither about something. He stumbled out of bed, grabbed his phone and said: Can't talk sorry really busy bye! and then went back to bed, where, as I'd guessed from his tone, was a someone -- a guy with messy hair, just starting to wake up. Ardal bounced back into bed, and said: come on, wake up you! Bistos! (Which struck me as a bit odd, but who am I etc. etc.) And then the guy woke up, and Ardal hugged him and said, I'm terribly sorry, but I can't remember your name at all!

In other news, in order to satisfy Tim's cat's curiosity last night, I emptied everything out of my oh-so trendy but terribly badly-made rucksack. He's been wanting to jump inside it, but keeps getting spooked because of all the stuff. Instead of suddenly losing interest and becoming fixated on motes of dust or scratching furniture for the rest of the night, he jumped into the rucksack! Win! Alas I was a bit slow with the zip and he escaped before I could steal him.

dozy me
dozy me
In the sun oh yes.


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17th Apr, 2008 11:40 (UTC)
Maybe the phantomish bedmate was The Doctor...
17th Apr, 2008 11:42 (UTC)
No, he was a bewildered non-celeb who'd just won the drunken one-night stand sweepstake!
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