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Last weekend I ended up going through a box of old papers and letters, chucking it (well, about half of it). I was a frantic correspondent, it seems -- writing drama-laden screeds to various bewildered penpals, all of them close friends who had moved away. Without my letters I can only guess at the story behind a torn up and re-sellotaped letter which starts WELL YOU WILL BE GLAD TO KNOW YOU'VE HURT ME VERY MUCH or five pages of weird ramblings about Viz, drinking and having a shower in multi-coloured inks. But one thought persists: we'd have saved a lot of trees if the internet had been around when I was a teenager...

I also turned up a house photo, taken in the sixth form. The school had just recently gone mixed, and I was the first girl to have gone from the lower school into the sixth, the others were a bunch of nice girls having two years in a mixed before going to university, college, travelling, you know. They all look prosperous and well grooomed; I look like a mad grab-bag of signifiers, totally incoherent and decidedly scruffy. Which is fair enough.

So, in commemoration of my teenaged self, this week's strip. I started elaborately colouring it and then realised I was doing this for the pleasure of colouring and not for the sake of the strip. This one's the appropriately monochrome version.

it gets bitter with time - detail
it gets bitter with time - detail
In which the washing up is not my friend


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18th Apr, 2008 16:58 (UTC)
Oh fuck now I remember
I still cringe over stuff I did and said when I was twelve. Some of which is just embarassing, and some of which, looking back, seems genuinely unpleasant. "Why would anyone say that?" indeed.
18th Apr, 2008 18:39 (UTC)
One of your best. And yes, much better without colour.
18th Apr, 2008 20:27 (UTC)
SIX years past!!!! wait till it's 30yrs past!!! Talk about Geezitude!
19th Apr, 2008 11:30 (UTC)
I too was clearing out some boxes of old letters this week. (I drew a strip about it.

Back when I was teenage I was all very "f*ck you" and din't give a sh*t what people thought of me, I was so high on my ego and would rather someone disliked me than felt indefferent. These days I seem to care more what others think. God knows why, they're mostly idiots. Maybe I'll draw a comic about that.
25th Apr, 2008 09:51 (UTC)
A sublime strip Jeremy!

If it's any consolation I think we've all got that box of embarrassing angst-ridden letters which we tortured both ourselves and others with (often over emotional traumas we don't even remember now!)tucked away in some dusty corner/attic/cellar/shed. Although fortunately I did not keep my own letters, the worst thing about reading the replies is wishing I could reply as the me I am now - putting things right and apologising to all those I've lost touch with, but then again it would be far too late, completely out of context (as their lives have invariably moved on too) and I'd look like an utter nutter in so doing! One can only hope that those teenage/early twentysomething friends have their own guilty stash of angst, even if you were not the one they poured it all out to at the time, cos they were too busy consoling YOU!
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