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weird weekends

Last week I discovered that I can feed birds on worms by moving piles of rubbish! Up came the lelandia branches and underneath it was arthropod heaven, worms and slugs and woodlice gently grazing the savannah while centipedes and tiny frogs brought them down noble wildlife documentary stylee.

The moment I was out of the way, in came the robins. I have two, and they're fighting. Possibly they're rivals, or just a very acrimonious couple, it's hard to tell with robins. Hot on their heels came the blackbirds, a big roaring-girl female, the squabbling males (there's now a definite winner) and the quiet one. Then the magpies -- a pair, I think, strutting around like they owned the place. I think it's safe to say that everything got eaten, unless the frogs managed to get out of the magpies' way.

So I freecycled my birdtable and all the remaining bird food to a nice lady called Anita who lacks trees so needs cover for the birds, as I am clearly doing enough. Later the same day I discovered that there were ladybirds overwintering in the half-eaten rosehips I'd left on the bushes all winter! My scruffy ways surely encourage the wildlife, but I should remember that that can also be a bad thing.

Oh, and further to something, here's something else from je suis spamusement:

taking on the classics
taking on the classics
Not based on anyone I know oh dear me no.

It was a weird weekend.


( 5 worms — Feed the birds )
22nd Apr, 2008 08:50 (UTC)
I've only seen photos but that hair looks very familiar...
22nd Apr, 2008 09:58 (UTC)
My willy's bigger than yours!

I think she looks like Badass (personally.)
22nd Apr, 2008 11:14 (UTC)
I was talking about the banana.
22nd Apr, 2008 11:23 (UTC)
You know someone who looks like a giant banana? O_o
22nd Apr, 2008 11:15 (UTC)
The person, she's not based on anyone in particular.
( 5 worms — Feed the birds )