Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

give me my shiny and snowglobes in the sun

I have signed up to do the London Underground comics thing at the end of May (exhibitors, Interviews, News and No Barcodes). Look! I'm on the autobiography table. Should be fun, I wonder if I can think of a good way to get some activity with members of the public. Some savagely cut down version of the "my awesome life" comics workshop maybe? I think in celebration that I must also do a new minicomic (also having some stock would be good). Also I just found my huge pot of Mardi Gras sequins. Sequinned minicomics! Give me my shiny! Am I saying "also" too often? Heroes was good, wasn't it!*

In the meantime, happy friday:

this is kind of an odd request

I got an email from someone who'd just broken their Antony Gormley snowglobe, wondering if mine was for sale. I got mine down off the shelf to look at it, and discovered that some sort of ongoing chemical process is progressively bubbling the base and stripping the gilt coating from the little metal man. After I'd taken about twenty photographs of it, catching the sun from the front window, I realised I wasn't going to sell it to anyone.

The best of them are over on Flickr (click through to see). They're kind of dreamy -- if I get one of those digital frames, I might fill it with a whole slideshow of sunny snowglobe pictures.

*Yes I have been at the cinder toffee again.
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